Outplacement & Career Change Consulting | We're Here to Help

Hartley People has specialised in Outplacement & Career Change Consulting since 2001 and we are now widely recognised as one of the market leaders in the provision of professional outplacement services nationally.

Should you organisation need to downsize or restructure resulting in redundancy or perhaps early retirement, Hartley People can assist with supporting those affected and preparing them for the next phase of their lives.
Our fully qualified team of coaches can work the affected employees to effectively manage the transition process in terms of practical financial and career advice, coaching and support.

Hartley People’s recruitment experience ensures that we have a real and up-to-date knowledge of recruitment trends and the current jobs market. We don’t just do theory – we offer practical real world solutions for real people.

We can offer a bespoke tailor-made outplacement package to suit your business needs. Coaching can be delivered from junior to executive level in the form of workshops or on a one-to-one basis. Each session can be tailored to meet your requirements or those of your employees.

For further information, contact Fiona Hartley, Director of Career Services, Hartley People on 051-878813.