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Working and Job Seeking in the South East during the Pandemic Report

Almost half of employees (44%) felt they were better prepared to return to remote working, as the government raised the level of restrictions. Half of all employees are concerned about their employer’s flexibility around remote working. 57% of employees are concerned about the security of their jobs over the coming months.   2020 has been

Working on your CV? Here’s how to make it stand out

These are very uncertain times with many of us now finding ourselves out of work. Some of us will be lucky and will go back into our old jobs but unfortunately some of us won’t. If you find yourself in a situation of job insecurity or perhaps low job satisfaction, this is a good time

How to establish a completely remote hiring process

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect business both here in Ireland and globally, it is rare to find an industry that hasn’t been affected by the fallout. While some clients are understandably putting new hires on hold there are still some businesses that are continuing to grow even in these difficult circumstances. We are

Interviewing safely and efficiently during the COVID-19 outbreak

Conducting interviews will be difficult for businesses during this time but it doesn’t mean that that they can’t take place. With careful planning and adherence to health and safety guidelines interviews can proceed as scheduled. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, we have put together some useful guidelines to ensure the smooth running

Hartley People supporting the Mount Sion Choir

Christmas is all about tradition and it’s tradition here at Hartley People to create a unique Christmas card for our clients, colleagues and friends alike each Christmas. This year, we decided to do something different and for the first time ever, we decided against sending out traditional Christmas cards. This is partly because we’re striving

The top 5 most annoying CV mistakes and how to avoid making them

Our Career Development Coach and in-house CV expert, Fiona Hartley estimates she’s read over 3,500 CVs over the years. That’s a lot of CVs! Fiona says she sees the same annoying mistakes coming up regularly, and even though some of them might seem trivial, she believes that having the best CV possible can be the

Hartley People earns high praise in Customer Satisfaction survey

Hartley People’s, the South East’s leading talent acquisition firm, has conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey for 2018 and the results reveal that 99% of participants consider the quality of service received to be very high or high. Hartley People Talent Specialists were more popular than ever with 93% confirming that their Talent Specialist was knowledgeable