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New Year, New Job!

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What better time than the New Year to look for a new job, January may be a slow month for some but in the world of recruitment things really begin to heat up once everyone returns from the Christmas break. Follow these tips to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by the right people.

1. Look the part…

Profile Picture
Your profile picture is the first impression any recruiter will get of you, so make sure it’s a good one! Ideally a professional headshot works best here, if you don’t have one then use a photo you already have – make sure it’s professional looking, think about how you would present yourself for interview. Remember this isn’t Facebook or Instagram – no drinks in hand or multiple people in your profile picture.

Customise your URL, so it can be easily used in your CV, email signature or business card. To do this click on the cog next to your URL under your Profile Picture, you’ll find your URL over on the right and you can customise it from there.
Example: This also gives a very streamlined and professional look to your profile.

2. This is your time to shine…

Write about your experience, what you’re passionate about, show off a little! Use relevant keywords here so you show up in recruiter searches. These keywords should be relevant to your experience and reflect what a potential new employer or recruiter may be looking for. Don’t be afraid to show some personality to make yourself stand out from the crowd!

You wouldn’t invest in a big purchase without first checking out some customer reviews? Well that’s what ‘Recommendations’ do, it gives a recruiter an insight into what it is like to work with you before they invest their time in you. You can request recommendations from current or previous clients or employers by going to the drop down arrow next to the ‘View Profile As’ button and sending request messages from there.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage!

Post, like and comment. Put yourself out there, follow companies you would like to work for, add HR/Recruitment professionals who can help you on your way to your new job. If you read an interesting article why not post about it and start a conversation of your own.
In saying that, be careful what you write or post. Posting an article or image every second/third day should be enough. Also step back and read any comments you would like to post – would you be comfortable making such a comment in an interview situation? If not then it’s time to hit the delete button!

Do you have any LinkedIn tips of your own? Let me know what works for you!

Caoimhe Suipéil
Marketing Co-ordinator
Hartley People