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New Year, New Career – How to make your 2019 goals a reality

As we get back to normal life after the Christmas holidays, this January, make it your mission to use the New Year as a spring board for a fresh start. Whether you want to progress in your current job, find a new job or have a complete career change – set the ball rolling this month and keep the momentum going into the rest of the year. Here’s our expert advice on how to make your new job dreams a reality.

new year career goalsSet Your Goals

Think about what kind of person you are, what makes you tick, what are the elements of your job you like, and what you want to achieve and become. Make note of these and use them as the foundation or building blocks for your direction.

Be Realistic 

Set yourself realistic expectations. A lot of career oriented New Year’s resolutions can be completely out of reach as we set big targets at once. If your end goal is quite far removed from your current situation, you are more likely to lose focus and feel like you’re failing. Instead set smaller, more achievable goals and think about creating a simple calendar or schedule of easily achievable goals to help you on the way to realising your overall one.

Think Outside the Box

Haver you thought about the possibility of switching roles within your company? Sometimes this can be an excellent way of discovering a new path or finding out exactly what you’re good at, or not. Explain to your boss how you are feeling and what you are thinking of doing – it could be an ideal solution for both of you.


Take job hunting as a serious business, and set yourself a timetable, as you would if you were at work. Do some research on companies you want to work for and some individuals who you aspire to in your industry. Use LinkedIn as a way to learn more about businesses and their ethos. It’s also as great way to communicate your skillset and interest in your job/industry. Make sure you only apply for jobs that you are genuinely interested in and always keep a record of all the positions which you have applied for.

Social Media 

Update your LinkedIn account and become an active user. Join groups that are relevant to your interests. Follow companies and people that you are interested in on Facebook and Twitter and comment/share and engage in posts appropriately. Remember that these platforms are available to be viewed by potential employers, so conducted yourself professionally at all times.

Make Your CV Shine 

A good CV can be the difference to getting an interview or not. Make sure your CV reflects your strengths and tailor it for each job you apply for. Pay attention to the job requirements advertised and reflect those in your CV. Include examples of how your current or previous role achievements demonstrate how suitable you are for the job advertised. Always double check for and ask a friend to review. Register your CV with Hartley People here and let our expert team work with you to find your dream job.

Be Proactive 

Your dream job isn’t going to arrive without perseverance, patience and hard work. Put yourself out there, remain positive and keep your end goal in sight.

Good luck!