How can your Company Stand Out in a Candidate Driven Market?

How can your company stand out from the crowd in a candidate driven market?

How can your company stand out from the crowd in a candidate driven market?

In this past 18 months here in Hartley People we have noticed a serious change in the labour market.  Employers no longer hold the power when filling new positions, due to a lack of skilled workers candidates are now in control. They can be more selective in the roles they apply for and competition between companies is getting more intense. So what does this mean for employers, what can help you on the way to winning the war for talent?1. Attract and retain, attract and retain.

In a recent survey employees rated what job perks were most important to them with health benefits, flexibility of work time and more annual leave coming out top ahead of a higher salary.

If you don’t have the right retention strategies in place your current employees and potential employees will find another company where investment is put into identifying key initiatives and opportunities to retain the best staff.  Know your competition, know what they are offering and differentiate yourself. Offer flexibility and a credible culture that places the employee at the core.  Have a clear mission and vision for your company, it gives your employees meaning and purpose in their work. Make your employees feel as if their work makes a difference to the overall company strategy and goals.

2. Up your Employer Branding game

In a recent Jobbio Survey  78% of people would look into a company’s reputation as employers before applying for a job.  82% of people would not work at a company with a bad reputation.

How is your company perceived by your current staff and potential new employees? Candidates have multiple channels and avenues to research any company. They will expect to get a strong sense for what it would be like to work there, the negatives and the positives. An absence of information could also be detrimental to your employer brand.

Take control! Communicate your message where candidates are actively researching online  and engage with them. Think about what makes your company a great place to work, your culture and values, what makes you different from the rest? And get the message out there through blogs, videos, testimonials, social media etc.

3. The ever changing interview process

In LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Survey 2017 new interview techniques are increasing in popularity. The top 5 are soft skills assessments (59%), job auditions (54%), meeting in casual settings (53%), virtual reality assessments (28%) and video interviews (18%)Be open to change in your recruitment and interview process. Invest in your candidate experience, it’s the first impression any potential candidate will have of your company. Move quickly, in the time it’s taking you to decide on the next stage of the interview process the candidate will be snapped up by another company with a more streamlined and candidate friendly process. Remember it’s a candidate driven market now, they hold the decision making power, eradicate any possible obstacles in their path.

Think about what makes your company unique, it’s definitely not one size fits all, do what’s true to your company and the type of employees you’re hoping to attract.