5 Simple Steps to Improve your Candidate Experience

5 simple steps to improve your candidate experience

How does your screening and selection process contribute to your employer brand? As we approach full employment again, most candidates that you interview are in employment and are passive about making a move, the tables have turned and employers now have to fight for talent again!

A thorough process is respected by candidates and indicates that a company is serious about people and hiring the very best talent. Our experience also tells us that companies that offer roles too easily are not perceived well among job seekers as it creates a sense of ‘easy come, easy go’ and this can be off putting for professionals. At Hartley People, our research and feedback from both candidates and clients suggests that the interview process from start to finish can often be too lengthy and taxing, which can result in fall off of suitable candidates. It’s about striking the right balance.

So how can you improve your recruitment process straight away? We have compiled 5 SIMPLE Steps to provide candidates with a positive recruitment experience and improve your overall employer brand.

1.   Communication

According to a Career Builder survey nearly 78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. Make sure you have a coherent and structured process in place that lets everyone know where they stand throughout. It can be frustrating for a candidate when they don’t understand what stage in the process they are at.
Sure there can be hiccups along the way, maybe your interviewer is off for a week or two or the start date for a new hire has been pushed back, no matter what it is, it is always critical to keep your candidate in the loop, ensuring they do not have a negative impression of your company from the offset. 81% of job seekers say that continuous communication and status updates throughout the process would greatly improve the overall experience.

2.  Phone interviews

Consider using phone or Skype interviews where possible, especially if the 1st and 2nd round interviews have already been conducted and it’s just a matter of a final stage. Consider your candidate’s time and commitment to their current role – it may not always be possible to drop everything and attend for multiple interviews. This applies particularly when a candidate is interviewing for more than one employer and has been required to take time off for a number of interviews in the recent past.

3.  Flexibility

If you’re really eager to secure that much sought after candidate who is already working full time why not interview outside of working hours. Before work, after work, or during their lunch hour etc. Your candidate will really thank you for it and it may be the edge that sets you apart from a competing employer! Also give plenty of notice for requests to attend for interview, giving the candidate ample time to prepare and take time off work.

4. Punctuality

Leaving candidates waiting in reception beyond their  allocated interview time speaks volumes about your company and gives the candidate a negative experience from the offset. In a Monster Survey on ‘First Impressions’  51% of candidates said they would turn down a job if they were kept waiting too long in reception.The candidate respected your business enough to show up on time so show make sure to show them the same respect and courtesy.

5. Don’t forget to ‘sell’ yourself

It’s not just the candidates that need to sell themselves, you need to sell your company too. Make the candidate feel welcome, show off the perks of the job and what the company has to offer. In the later stages of interview, where possible arrange a tour of the company, give the candidate a feel for what a typical day at work with your company is like.

Top tip!

Learn more about your recruitment and on boarding process by surveying new hires on their candidate experience. Take this opportunity to learn and improve your systems so you don’t lose any valuable candidates next time round.