Temporary Recruitment

Are you in between jobs and eager to work? Do you need a change of job as quickly as possible? Does temporary work suit your current personal circumstances? Not sure what work you want to do next? ‘Temping’ may be the solution, so talk to Hartley People today about Temporary Recruitment.

Nowadays, ‘Temping’ is much more than just agency work. Short-term work assignments are gaining popularity with people who enjoy the challenge of a change and the flexibility it can offer.

At Hartley People, we have temporary, contract and seasonal roles in a variety of industries and sectors. We are constantly searching for people who are flexible, skilled, enthusiastic and available to take on any challenge.


  • Work the hours that suit your lifestyle and fit work in with your other commitments
  • Opportunity to meet new people in different environments
  • Try out different industries, organisations and roles
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain new experience to help your chances of moving up the employment ladder
  • Keep earning while looking for a permanent role
  • Take control of your career
  • Increase the variety of your working life
  • Gain experience in some of Ireland’s leading large organisations and / or local SMEs
  • Get the chance to see if you would like to work with a company in the longer term

If you think this could be you, then we may have the temporary role that meets your needs in one of the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Reception
  • Secretarial / Clerical
  • Accounts
  • General Operative (skilled and unskilled)
  • Warehousing / Fork Lift
  • Manufacturing
  • Van driving


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