When an organisation downsizes or whenever a career move is involuntary, there typically follows a period of uncertainty and insecurity for the person(s) involved. In particular, the lack of career and financial stability can be taxing on both the individual and his/her family. During these times, many employers offer Outplacement Services to their staff to assist them through this difficult period in their lives and to ensure that they are well positioned to secure the best possible alternative employment or achieve their own personal goals.

Hartley People has specialised in Outplacement & Career Change Consulting since 2001 and we are now widely recognised as one of the market leaders in the provision of professional outplacement services nationally.

Our recruitment experience ensures that our fingers are on the pulse at all times.
We know which companies are employing people, we know what they want and we know when they want it! This means that we don’t just do the theory – we offer practical real world solutions to real people with real dreams for their careers.

If your company is serious about helping its staff during downsizing or closure, then we are serious about doing business with you…

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